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Vinaigrette 150 g

  • Classic vinaigrette with beets, potatoes, cabbage, pickled cucumbers and carrots
  • Packed in a vacuum packaging
  • Store at +2 to +6 °C
  • Convenient, easy-to- open package with a fork

The first Latvian recipes similar to vinaigrettes can be found in the cookery books of 1930s. The Latvian mistresses were cooking rich beet in a variety of ways for centuries, but this salad with beautiful French name has entered our menu from the Scandinavian cuisine. Initially, herring was also added to the salad, but the light salad version soon conquered Latvian tables, as almost everyone liked this dish. This is one of the few salads, the recipe of which allows changing the proportions, adapting it to the taste of any person. And Latvians did it.

We are generously adding to our sweetish beet the pickled cucumbers, potatoes and carrots. And even sour cabbage, which has been known in Latvia from ancestral times. Although vinaigrette is one of the best-known and more traditional salads now, every mistress has its own little tricks on how to improve the recipe and taste. Our recipe is the one, which is well known and enjoyed in Latvia - with a considerable dose of our beet, potato, pickled cucumber and carrot, flavoured with a slightly spicy, classic vinaigrette sauce.


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