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Polar bread with steamed chicken fillet 145 g

  • Classic polar bread with steamed chicken fillet, pickled cucumbers, peppers and fresh lettuce, with mayonnaise as the binding substance.
  • Filling (60%)
  • Shelf life: 4 days
  • 2 slices in a package
  • Comfortable, easy-to-open vacuum package
  • Product of high quality and classic taste

Sandwich with chicken is almost an anthem of sandwiches. It is one of the oldest-known classic sandwiches. Latvian cuisine has no shortage of fatty and delicious food but this juicy steamed chicken filling is lean and valuable. Usually the contemporary hasty life rhythm dictates its own rules for us and we often do not have the time to think about the value of products we use. Since the Latvians still prefer to use different sandwiches for breakfast and snacks, we offer to enjoy the sandwiches, which are made on the basis of ancestral traditions - steamed chicken accompanied by pickled cucumber, fresh lettuce and pepper, thus maintaining a traditional, classic homely taste. However, by adapting to modern comforts, it is combined with polar bread, which is baked from our sun-filled grains, and tastes almost like Latvian bread.


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