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Sandwich with steamed chicken fillet 170 g

  • Classic sandwich of wheat bread with seeds, filled with steamed chicken fillet, pickled cucumbers, peppers and fresh lettuce with mayonnaise as the binding substance.
  • Filling (53%)
  • Shelf life: 5 days
  • 2 slices in a package
  • Comfortable, easy-to-open vacuum package
  • Product of high quality and classic taste 

Steamed chicken is one of the healthiest and most valuable foods in the Latvian cuisine. It as also known by our ancestors. Our grandmothers and grand grandmothers, who had many chickens in their yards, knew - it is necessary to prepare food wisely in order to feed the family and get the feeling of satiety. Therefore, when chicken soup was boiled, which was nourishing and light food, left chicken meat was used either in salads, or in sandwiches. The only necessary thing for that was just imagination as there are many variations – with boiled egg and pickled cucumber, with onion, or with turnips as per recipes from older cookery books.

Today chicken is still very popular due to its mild taste. In addition, it is lean, with high nutritional value, but low-calorie, which is very important to avoid feeling of heaviness in our busy era, but to get the strength and taste of normal and valuable home cooked food, twhich has been familiar since childhood.


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