The Latvians have always felt nature, land and everything that is offered by our land. It contains all - complete and greatest life cycle, basis and sense of life, our own essence. The knowledge, resources and pleasure provided by nature are the keystone for any Latvian. And if we can take something from it and provide the benefit, it is the most beautiful synergy between human and powerful force of nature. Food was always associated for the Latvians with the certain symbols - with wealth and prosperity, or with health, or with beauty and strength – so each holiday table is served to promote these bounties.

Latvian tastes were developing through the centuries and we were able to overtake the best recipes from all nations, which were ruling here. Whether this is steamed cabbage with pork ribs or crispy potato pancakes, or already such Latvian dishes as rich shashlik or nourishing Rasols. However, our own natural bounties, food of our own growing have always been a part of our culture, our identity and the force of nature, which have been placed in the cradle of any Latvian since birth.

We are proud that we are using the knowledge and traditions of our ancestors in our recipes. And we are serving the dishes of ancient times for the feasts, which were celebrated by our ancestors in order to strengthen the roots and keep our traditions. Latvian feasts and celebrations were always celebrated in accordance with the sun cycle, glorifying the power of nature, and so those dishes were mostly served, which were prepared of the currently available food of their own growing. Harvesting, procurement of vegetables for winter, meat smoking and drying were always attributed to the natural cycles.

Latvian mistresses were passing recipes in words and in handwriting from generation to generation, which allows conjuring legendary dishes. The excellent cooking skills of the Latvian mistresses were glorified even throughout Europe in the 20s and 30s of the last century. They were classically trained mistresses who completed the famous Kaucminde housekeeping school. The stories and dreamy sighs of the cakes and other delicacies of Ulmanis’ times are still alive, because they were united by the perfect taste and high-quality local ingredients. Similarly, many mistresses are still revealing special secrets and cooking tips to their daughters and daughters-in-law, which were mastered by the classic Latvian mistresses – as it was an honor to be called a “kaucmindiete”.

In our production we are trying to use the food products grown and harvested after our ancestors' unique knowledge, the use of which allows us feeling our Latvian force of nature, our belonging, traditions and our Latvian taste. We wish to keep this standard in our production and to continue glorifying the Latvian cooking skills, our natural bounties still far beyond the Latvian borders.

“Latvijas labumi” — wonderful delicacies!


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