Listening to rustling wind, overwatching the sun and the ripening potatoes, coming red berries in the Latvian gardens, and knowing that somewhere sip of warm milk can be enjoyed - that's how the idea of “Latvijas labumi” was born.

For everything real, which we are longing for – to be on our kitchen - and for all Latvian bounties to be enjoyed every day - not just peaceful and unhasting, but also rapid and busy.

We, “Latvijas pārtikas ražotājs”, have been taking care of easier and more tasty everyday life since 2010, when one of you has enjoyed our first pancake.

Our fresh culinary products are created, preferring Latvian raw materials and getting rid of preservatives and other E additives. This means that you can always enjoy them with the confidence that the food is fresh and, as the word is, will do only good.


Yes, our delicious food is intended only for the local gourmands, because where else the homemade bounties can be enjoyed so good, as here in Latvia?

All products of “Latvijas labumi” have been created by respecting the values and traditions of the Latvian cuisine, with the attention to the desires of the local eaters and rhythm of life, as well as ensuring that the meals are quickly and easily cooked and taken along without any loss of high quality and good taste.

Yes, that is why we, “Latvijas pārtikas ražotājs”, are called “Latvijas labumi”, because we offer not only to fill the stomach, but do it with the joyful feeling – as if you are enjoying the Latvian countryside and feel home.

Baudi uz veselību!


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