Our values, mission and quality


We are a company that has been selling fresh culinary products since 2010 - salads, pancakes, sandwiches, meat products and hot dishes.

Our production in the Latvian stores is known under the brand name “Latvijas labumi”.

In 2014, the turnover was equal to 2.51 million EUR, profit amounted to 164 thousand EUR.

In 2015, by investing in the development of the company, we have acquired more extensive production facilities and equipment, which allows increasing production capacities at least by three times, expanding the assortment and developing new types of products.

62 employees are working in the company. Professional team with long-term experience in the industry.


To create easier and more comfortable everyday life.


To become the leading producer of fresh cuisine, with a particular focus on high-quality Latvian raw materials, based on Latvian cooking traditions, while modernizing production and improving technologies with care for all Latvian citizens.


We are taking care of delicious production of high-quality and stable quality, from raw materials to consumer table. The Company has been certified according to the quality standard ISO 22 000:2006.






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